• The user interface is so simple that it makes it an essential tool for designers and artists, as well as for programmers.

• The UI is proposed through parameters exposed in a single “scriptable object”, an approach that greatly facilitates the saving of the generated plans, largely avoiding touching parts of the “asset” that could break its functionality.

• Proposes integrated solutions for the generation of the map, the integration of art in the map created through a material assignment interface and the population of the map with “props” (trees, houses, stones, platforms, etc.) through two types of “spawners”. All these systems working together allow you to automate the creation of complex maps populated in a pre-established way with just the push of a button

.• In all cases there are parameters to customize the “spawners” (include or not “collider”, vertical offsets, initial rotation of the props to adapt to the configuration of the assets created by each artist (orientation axis, prefab with children and different LOD, etc), scale, “art prefab”, density, etc).

• In the process of “playing” with the parameters of the user interface to generate the map, it can show in real time the effects of the variations that the user is making, greatly facilitating the process of searching for a desired result.

• Easy to use UI. No programming required.

• All source code is included.

• “MAP GENERATOR 3D” is lightweight and optimized for performance.

• The package works with all processing pipelines (integrated, URP, SRP, HDRP, custom RP). It is not a graphics package. You will only need to convert sample model materials for your SRP if you are not using the built-in SRP.


“MAP GENERATOR 3D” is the perfect companion to an “asset” with high quality materials. Our approach of integrating most of the map art through the assignment of three materials (in “MapMatSO”) allows you to generate as many maps as you want in a matter of minutes with an impressive “look” and with a maximum level of customization.


“MAP GENERATOR 3D” is not an art “asset” but a procedural map generation utility with a very high level of customization and a utility for integrating “materials” and “props” created by artists.There are map generators on the market that include examples with art assets made and configured to work, but when you want to integrate assets from other artists everything becomes complicated because artists do not follow strict rules in the configuration of their assets. ” working with orientations on different axes, different pivot points or scales of the models. By not including the “prebabs” and “materials” necessary to create impressive maps, we have had to work harder to lay out the parameters and create the methods necessary to integrate art created by real artists, which we consider to be something that contributes greater added value to the end user of our “3D MAP GENERATOR”.