As an amateur game developer, working without an art and design team makes you realize that creating a functional and beautiful map, where all the “Gameplay” you have in your head comes to life, is the phase of the development process which consumes the most time to achieve mediocre results at best. 

If you create an ideal map in your mind and assign it a comparative value of 10, there would be two extreme situations. The first is to have unlimited resources as a development team with artists, designers and programmers, in this case you will be able to get a map worth 9.5 in a reasonable time, let's say, again for comparative purposes, that at a cost 10 At the other extreme is an amateur developer who has himself and a lot of enthusiasm. Well, this amateur developer, with “MAP GENERATOR 3D” will be able to obtain, in minimal time, infinite plans of value 6 and with a total cost of 1.

CASE 1. VALUE 9.5 AND COST 10.  Diablo 4 screenshot.

CASE 2. VALUE 6 AND COST 1 (infinite maps)

Developed in 5 minutes with MapGenerator3D.

In between these extreme scenarios will be all the larger or smaller studios and all the amateur developers who can take more or less quality time to develop their projects. All these cases, using "MAP GENERATOR 3D" will obtain maps with values between 6 and 9.5 with a consumption of resources between 1 and 10.

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